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VeggieTales (TV-Y) The adventures of Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, Junior Asparagus and other vegetable friends teach important lessons as they reinterpret biblical stories.
'Tween You and Me A variety show meant to inspire tweens and spread the message of God's plan for every follower, featuring a cast that is given a new role each week.
Kingdom Life Today
Ellison Media
Kingdom Connection (TV-G) Pastor Jentezen Franklin presents life-changing, sensible messages, including dramatic plays, musical acts and commanding storytelling with the Gospel.
The Place for Miracles: Your Hour of Healing (TV-G) The hosts pray for emotional, spiritual, physical and financial healing for viewers, as they welcome inspirational speakers and contemporary Christian artists.
16 TOO

Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
The 700 Club (TV-G) Host and Reverend Pat Robertson joins a panel of guests for a discussion of religious commentary on news events, music, ministry and much more.
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (TV-G) An ideal American couple contends with ordinary, real-life family problems as they raise their two sons in 1950s Southern California.
Zorro Rides Again (TV-G) The great grandson of the legendary Zorro must don the black mask and find a way to stop a villainous profiteer and his Western outlaw gang.
Zorro's Black Whip (TV-G) When an Idaho frontier newspaperman is killed for endorsing statehood his sister, expert with pistols and bullwhip, dons a mask and confronts the villains.

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November Share-A-Thon (New)

The Patty Duke Show Three Little Kittens (TV-G) Patty and Ross buy three kittens from a neighborhood kid and intend to sell them again to make a profit, but they end up losing track of the kittens.
Mister Ed Psychoanalyst Show (TV-G) Wilbur decides to go see a psychiatrist to find a cure for Eds fear of heights; Ed tries hypnosis so that he may get over his fear.
Mister Ed Ed the Tout (TV-G) Wilbur picks a winning race horse for Carol and his neighbor, and he gets some help from Mister Ed, but they end up placing a bad bet using milk funds.
Heartland All I Need Is You (HD, TV-PG) Lou leads the big day's preparations, while Amy tries to avoid the pandemonium by attempting to pacify a rescue horse.
Heartland Written in Stone (HD, TV-PG) Lou tries to make sure that Amy and Ty have their dream wedding, but several last minute problems stand in her way; Jack has to say farewell to a friend.

« Gourmet Holiday┬« (TV-G) Various hosts showcase a selection of holiday food ideas for interested buyers as he discusses the specifics of each product that can provide a satisfying meal.
Jane's Gift Guide

« Dual Survival Road to Nowhere (HD, TV-PG) Dave and Cody survive in the secluded woods of Northern Maine with only the items they were able to take from broken down truck they found on a logging road.
Factory Made (HD, TV-G) The host examines the processes that are used and the special equipment that is required as factories turn out goods such as jet aircraft and blue jeans.
Factory Made (HD, TV-G) The host examines the processes that are used and the special equipment that is required as factories turn out goods such as jet aircraft and blue jeans.
Modern Marvels Cemeteries (HD, TV-PG) An inside look at the always booming funeral industry and the methods used to deal with the over 2 million people who die each year.
Modern Marvels Chesapeake Bay Bridge & Tunnel (HD, TV-PG) One of the greatest engineering feats of the 20th Century links the Delmarva Peninsula with the mainland.

« Court TV Live (HD)
Closing Arguments with Vinnie Politan (HD)
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